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SHE Initiative – Holiday English Language Programme (HELP)

Christopher Kolade Foundation (CKF) hosted a pilot Holiday English Language Programme (HELP), designed to improve the...

15 Aug 2016

Strategic Initiatives

Girl Child Education

Among children not attending school, there are twice as many girls than boys, and among non-literate adults there are twice as many women than men.  Education appears to offer some of the clearest examples of discrimination, women suffer today and as such should be a critical area of empowerment for women (UNICEF).   CKF’s work in girl-child education will give focus primarily on increasing the girl child’s participation and proficiency in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Music and Agriculture (STEMMA), most of which are growing fields critical to the global economy.  Addressing the relatively low participation of girls in these fields will help expand their career horizons and provide cascading benefits to families and communities. CKF achieves this mainly through its remedial STEMMA Hands-on Empowerment (SHE) Initiative


Leadership & Governance

CKF’s Leadership and Governance Initiatives seek to strengthen community infrastructure by improving leadership and governance practices in Nigeria.  Leadership development is currently a capacity building priority in many regions, especially in Africa where there are no want of examples of failures of leadership.  The foundation is committed to investing in the development of capacities, competencies and confidence of future leaders of our institutions and country. Promoting the values of reliability, predictability, accountability, transparency and participation will lay the foundation for people-oriented public service.

Christian & Theological Education

Through it’s Christian and Theological Education Initiative CKF would contribute to theological inquiry and scholarship (especially the training of clergy) and inspire people to make a difference in the world through Christian communities.

Interfaith Harmony

CKF’s Interfaith Initiative seeks to promote understanding among diverse religious groups and advance interreligious dialogue in Nigeria.