About us

About Us

The Christopher Kolade Foundation (CKF) was founded in 1997, as a platform through which its founder, Dr. Christopher Kolade, would continue to make contributions to the development of Nigeria. Guided by an enduring legacy of integrity, professionalism, professional ethics, and continuous learning that Dr. Kolade is known for, the Foundation focuses on Education as its key strategic initiative. Particular attention is given to promoting Girl-Child Education (specifically science, technology, engineering, mathematics, music and agriculture), Leadership and Governance Education, Christian and Theological Education and Education in Interfaith Relations. The Foundation also aims to make contributions in improving public education and literacy levels in Nigeria.

CKF is committed to making careful, thought leading, high-impact, high-value social investments in its identified focus areas. We leverage the expertise and network of patrons and board members to build strong partnerships that maximize our resources and optimize our reach and impact.