About The Program

The Christopher Kolade Foundation SHE Soars Scholarship Program provides need-based financial sponsorship and mentorship to female graduates of public secondary schools inNigeria who have secured admission into a Nigerian public university.SHE Soars launched in 2019 with five SHE Soars Scholars benefitting from the scholarship program.

Today, there are 24 Soars Scholars in 14 universities across the country. SoarsScholarships are competitive with each application examined and decided upon based on outstanding academic performance and the economic background of applicants. Current scholars are enrolled in universities across the country studying Medicine and Surgery,Mechatronics Engineering, Physiotherapy, Aeronautics and Astronautic Engineering,Agricultural Extension, Psychology, Law, and Accounting.Our sponsors include women from the financial, legal, SME sectors, and other industries.

To facilitate a mentoring relationship between sponsors and scholars, the Foundation puts effort into matching scholars with sponsors whose careers are somewhat related to their courses of study.

Investment in education is one of the most enduring investments in another person. It not only has the potential to increase the scholars’ future earning potential but can also open new doors and opportunities and help shape soft and hard skills that can benefit them throughout life.

Despite higher education being a predictor of future success, many Nigerian students cannot afford to make that transition. CKF seeks to bridge this economic gap through the SHE SoarsProgram.

To be a sponsor, reach us at   or +2348171926712

Sponsorship Value

The scholarship value is pegged at N200,000/annum and is estimated to cover tuition, books, and a modest monthly living stipend.

Sponsorship Duration

The sponsorship duration would span the student’s entire course of study which in our estimate would be 4-6 years depending on the course of study.

Sponsorship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must be female graduates of a Nigerian public secondary school and must have verifiable proof of admission into a Nigerian public tertiary institution.