Partnering with us means joining forces to give girls in our public schools opportunities for broadened experiences, actionable learning, and leadership and life skills development.  You may currently engage us at three levels – as a donor/sponsor, a volunteer chaperone and a volunteer facilitator.


Are you an individual or a representative of an organization interested in supporting the SHE Initiative? Would you like to join our current sponsors bringing these life-changing and development opportunities to even more girls? Fill in the details below and we will get in touch with you. Donations are acknowledged extensively in Foundation publicity and branding activities as well as through several other CKF stakeholder engagement channels.


Our SHE Initiative Program centers are staffed by female volunteer chaperones who provide administrative oversight at the 10 SHE participating-school locations, ensure student welfare and provide necessary mentorship to our girls. Are you a smart, confident, inspiring female undergraduate/graduate and above 18years?


Through the SHE Life and Leadership curriculum, we ensure that we are not only impacting our girls intellectually but also equipping them with the necessary skills to steer through life, make the right choices and be effective leaders wherever they find themselves. Our leadership curriculum is delivered by a team of smart young ladies who are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous train-the-trainer class. As a volunteer on the SHE Life and Leadership, you will facilitate or assist in facilitating leadership sessions while also providing mentorship to the students. Interested in being a part?

Then get in touch with us